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Future Specimens (2020 on going)

In the 4500 million years of its existence, the earth has undergone major geological change.  Despite having suffered several severe climate and extinction events, it has continued to evolve and renew itself.

‘Anthropocene’ is the name assigned to our current geological epoch.  An era, in which human activity has significantly and potentially permanently changed our planet.  Appearing as a mere speck on the geological timeline, how significant will our existence be in the life of the planet? In thinking about the earth in deep time can we come to a better understanding and respect for it?

Inspired by the geological specimens found in museums, these imagined landscapes have been created using digital collage. Instilled with hope, the fragments of photographs used were taken at College Lake, Tring, a site where positive renewal has taken place; once a former chalk quarry, it is now a thriving nature reserve.

Future Specimen I
Future Specimen II
Future Specimen III

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