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I am a UK based visual artist/designer making photographic art and designing interior objects layered with inspiration from history, the natural landscape and cultural heritage. Drawn to the sensory and temporal aspects of landscape, my recent work explores deep time and human interconnectedness with the natural world.

Moving between the material and virtual, I combine photography with other techniques including montage/printmaking/drawing/3D animation and augmented reality. Within my art practice, I follow a research-based approach engaging in critical narratives and contemporary thought.

My artworks have recently been exhibited as part of Wells Contemporary Art 2021, Photofusion Salon 2021 London and Awagami Mini print Japan.

Designing print, pattern and products for interiors is a relatively new venture. In Oct 2021 I was listed as one of the ‘Faces of the Future’ in Livingetc magazine after working with Habitat to design a floor lamp which launched November 2021.  I am currently researching circular and sustainable design methods to apply my design ideas, whilst looking to work with like-minded organisations.

I have a diverse skill set with a BA in Photography and a BSc in Computer Science and German. Before working as an artist/designer, I was an IT Business Analyst and also taught Art at primary level.

Committed to reducing environmental impact, I carefully consider materials, suppliers and waste in all projects.  My printed artworks are created in small limited editions using carefully selected paper from sustainable sources. 

Please contact me if you would like to purchase/commission art work or to discuss collaborating on a project.

Artist Statement

My work explores the way the world unfolds and enfolds itself as a sensory and temporal experience. Using the past to make connections with the present, I am interested in the fragmented narratives which emerge.

My process often begins with the tactility of a surface, a trace, sensation or fleeting detail drawing me to an object or place. Following threads of conscious and unconscious thought, I explore, uncover and piece together fragments past and present.  Along the way, gaps appear, coincidences reveal themselves and connections are formed. Together these culminate in visual narratives and emotive responses, which oscillate around themes of absence and presence, memory, heritage, loss and renewal.



Arts Award ‘Discover and Explore’ Training, Trinity College, London


BA (Hons) Photography (1st),  University of Westminster, Harrow


Diploma Foundation Art and Design, Bucks Chiltern University College, Buckinghamshire  


BSc (Hons) Computer Science and German (2:1), Staffordshire University, Stafford

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